MailProbe is an application for monitoring and stress testing of your mail system.

MailProbe is a standalone web application using Grails. It can be run in a Java application container like Tomcat or executed as a grails project. No external database is required at the moment.


MailProbe is under heavy development. The software and the website is still BETA which means a lot of discrepancy between roadmap, code and website.

What does MailProbe provide?

MailProbe provides methods to test smpt(s), imap(s), pop3(s). It's also capable to test the whole flow from the delivery of the mail at the smtp-server to the user's postbox.


The user can define Probes and Tests (combination of one or more Probes) for the supported mail protocols and the mail system(s) that is(are) tested.


Mailprobe can schedule Probes (link to Probe) for cyclic execution. Each Probe can be enabled for alerting on status change.


MailProbe saves the statistics for each ProbeJob (link to ProbeJob). With this information it's possible to draw a graph showing the response time and failure results if there're any. The statistics for a combination of one or more Probes run in a Test will be held in a TestRun.


Each Test can be run as a load test with predetermined mail/sec and mail count to send. Statistics will be saved for each run.

User Management

Mailprobe has a built-in user managment with roles support.