MailProbe Installation

MailProbe can be installed into an Java Application Server or run as a Grails project.

If you don't change any port and application path settings the application is available at


Java Application Server

Go to the files area and download the latest war. The application has been tested with Glassfish, Tomcat and Jetty.


Deploy the war with the Tomcat Manager or copy the war to the ../webapps/ directory of the Tomcat installation. Logging works fine in Tomcat.


Deploy the war with the admin console as a new application or copy the war to the ../autodeploy/ directory of a running domain.
There will be no logging output of MailProbe due to the logging incompatibility between Grails and Glassfish.

Grails Project

  • Set up a standard Grails environment as described here.
  • Get the source code from
    cd some_dir
    svn co mailprobe
  • Run the application in the production environment.
    cd mailprobe/mailprobe-core
    grails prod run-app