Creating a Probe

There are two Probe types available:

  • SMTPPing Probe: Checks a SMTP-Server for its operational availability
  • SendReceiveProbe: Checks the 'flow' of a mail from the SMTP server to the INBOX of the user

To create a new SMTPPing Probe select 'New STMPPingProbe' under ControlPanel/SMTPPing Probes: STMPPingProbe

Fill in the name of the mail domain and choose a timeout.
The probe can be activated for scheduling by the setting Active. Alerting is enabled by ticking Alert.
The interval is used to re-probe in case of an Active probe. New STMPPingProbe

Creating a Test

A Test defines one or more Probes for later execution. It's equivalent to a UnitTest (Wikipedia definition). The Test can be executed and its status will be displayed.

To create a new Test select 'New Test' under Tests.
All defined Probes are listed on the left side and can be added seperately to the new Test. The Test must have a name. New Test

Execute a Test

A TestRun is the execution of a pre-defined Test. Each TestRun references the ProbeJobs which were executed for each defined Probe in the Test.

To create a new TestRun for a Test select 'New TestRun' under Tests.
Select the Test to execute and choose whether to run a load test or a single TestRun. A load test makes more sense for SendReceiveProbes.
After saving the TestRun all Probes of the Test will be scheduled. New Test


The current release doesn't offer possibility to see the results attached to the TestRun. The place to find the statistics for every executed Probe is the ProbeJob-list. New Test